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Organic Hair Growth Oil Instructions

Please visit my YouTube channel and view this Video Were I discuss in depth detailed plan on how to use our products based on how your hair/scalp looks.
There are two stages to CCCA Alopecia. In Stage 1 your hair falls out and grows back. You might even notice that the area where your CCCA alopecia is grows in slower, But Hair Growth Oil starts to Heal and

Soothe the scalp, and stop further hair loss and breakage. In Stage 2 of CCCA alopecia Scarring as

occurred and you have it on your scalp in that affected area. What hair Growth Oil can do is stop the 
spreading of the CCCA Alopecia to other areas of your head along with soothing the scalp of the CCCA  
Alopecia Symptoms.


Do's and Don'ts While Using Organic Hair Growth Oil and Product's 

👍🏾Do use Organic African Black Soap Hair Growth Shampoo And Hair Growth Conditioner 1x weekly
👍🏾Do Massage Organic Hair Growth Oil into your scalp Daily
👍🏾Do take 1,000mg of pumpkin seed oil pills and 2,500 mg of Biotin Supplements Daily

👍🏾Do have patience while your scalp heals and watch your hair grow.

👎🏾Don't use products with Chemicals or use Hair Dye, Perms, or Relaxers
👎🏾Men Do not get your Hair Cut by Clippers while your Scalp is Healing!
👎🏾Don't wear tight braids while your scalp is healing
👎🏾Don't eat high inflammatory foods as this makes CCCA worse!
👎🏾Don't Give Up!